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LoRa Nodes
LoRa Nodes
The LoRa Node is a part of LoRa solution, max. 50 LoRa Nodes work with one LoRa Gateway, communicate with the LoRa Gateway over wireless LoRa technnology. includes RS485 LoRa Node, Temperature LoRa Node, Digital Input LoRa Module, Relay Output LoRa Module, Wireless Sensor Nodes, and so on.

Some LoRa Nodes powered up by 3Pcs AAA battery, some LoRa Nodes powered up by DC Power, the wireless distances can upto 5Km away the LoRa Gateway.

The LoRa Solutions requires at least 1 LoRa Gateway, and max. 50Pcs LoRa Nodes, suitable for monitoring large area applications. e.g.: Smart farm, factory temperature, Andon monitoring, etc.