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Advanced RTU Solution for Monitoring Power Outages in Light Poles
Jul . 19 . 2024
Our advanced RTU delivers a comprehensive and sophisticated solution for monitoring power outages in light poles. With cutting-edge real-time monitoring, remote management, predictive maintenance, and flexible integration capabilities, it ensures the cont
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RTU Solution for Tower Light Operational Status Monitoring
Jul . 15 . 2024
S27X and S475 offers a robust and comprehensive solution for monitoring the operational status of tower lights. With real-time monitoring, remote accessibility, predictive maintenance, and integration flexibility, it provides a reliable and efficient way
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Modbus to EtherCAT Gateways for Various Industrial Automation and Control Systems
Jun . 11 . 2024
Modbus to EtherCAT conversion streamlines communication between Modbus devices and EtherCAT systems, ensuring compatibility and enabling real-time control in industrial automation applications.
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BACnet Protocol: building a communication bridge for smart buildings
May . 09 . 2024
The BACnet protocol stands as a crucial milestone in the realm of smart building automation. Its openness, standardization, and user-friendly nature empower building managers and system integrators with potent tools to construct more intelligent, efficien
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Join Us at MetaLTECH & AUTOMEX Exhibition!
May . 06 . 2024
MetaLTECH & AUTOMEX, renowned for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the industrial sector, presents an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our latest products and solutions.
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BE107 PLC Protocols Modbus to IEC104 Gateway in Grid Control Systems
Apr . 22 . 2024
The BE107 PLC protocols Modbus to IEC104 gateway not only provides seamless connectivity between Modbus and IEC104 protocols but also offers scalability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various industrial automation applications.
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BE103 DL/T645 Modbus to IEC104 Gateway in Power System Monitoring
Apr . 09 . 2024
By leveraging the integration of DL/T645, Modbus, and IEC 104 protocols, a robust framework is established, enabling efficient and reliable data exchange and communication among devices operating in diverse fields and applications.
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Air Conditioning Protocols to BACnet Gateway for BMS
Apr . 02 . 2024
Air conditioning protocol to BACnet gateway BA108 is a precision air conditioning networking gateway specially developed to realize the mutual conversion between BACnet and Air Conditioning protocols.
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BLIIoT | BACnet Gateway BA107 Converts Multiple PLCs to BACnet
Mar . 26 . 2024
BA107 convert between PLC protocols and the BACnet building automation protocol. It supports various PLC protocols and BACnet protocols, making it suitable for BMS, BAS, HVAC etc., Solution.
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BLIIoT|New Version BE102 Modbus to IEC104 Gateway in Various Industrial IoT Applications
Mar . 15 . 2024
BE102 allows Modbus devices to communicate with IEC104-based systems seamlessly.
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PLC to MQTT Gateway BL102, Supports PLC Program Upload and Download
Mar . 14 . 2024
PLC to MQTT Gateway BL102, support PLC data acquisition and remote PLC programming data upload and download for industrial automation and industrial IoT scenarios.
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BLIIoT Remote Water Pump Monitoring and Control System
Mar . 06 . 2024
BLIIoT remote water pump monitoring RTU gateway can remotely monitor and control the pumping station, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.
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How RTU Gateway Can Help Energy Monitoring?
Mar . 06 . 2024
Remote telemetry units play a key role in energy monitoring. They provide a comprehensive understanding of the operating status of the energy system through real-time monitoring and remote data collection.
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Distributed IO Module in Automatic Production Line
Feb . 20 . 2024
The main objective of an automatic production line is to streamline the manufacturing process, increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve product quality and consistency.
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BLIIoT Smart Meter Remote Reading Solution
Jan . 12 . 2024
Remote Monitoring RTU S475 plays a key role in remote reading of smart water, electricity and gas meters.
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Predictive Maintenance at EdgeCOM
Nov . 22 . 2023
Predictive maintenance is the process of analyzing the operating conditions of equipment or machine to predict when maintenance should be performed on that asset based on current and historical data patterns.
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BLIIoT 4G SMS Environmental Monitoring RTU Gateway Introduction
Nov . 03 . 2023
4G Environmental Monitoring RTU is widely used in real-time control, data collection and industrial automation and other fields
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Remote Monitoring Gateway Provides an Efficient Solution for Pipeline Monitoring
Oct . 25 . 2023
Remote monitoring S275 is used for pipeline monitoring, providing data collection, monitoring, alarm and control functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the pipeline system.
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BL120EC EtherCAT to Modbus Gateway
Sep . 28 . 2023
BL120EC is an EtherCAT to Modbus RTU, EtherCAT to Modbus TCP Gateway
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BL120PN Profinet to Modbus Gateway
Sep . 27 . 2023
BL120PN is a Profinet, Profibus D to Modbus gateway.
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Replacing S7-300 with an ARM Based EdgeCOM
Sep . 20 . 2023
Siemens confirms that the SIMATIC S7-300 product families will be available until October 1st, 2023. BLIIoT BL30x series of ARM Based EdgeCOM is an excellent choice for you to replace it.
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BLIIoT|BL100 Collect Mitsubishi PLC Data Through Modbus Protocol
Sep . 06 . 2023
By implementing Modbus communication on a Mitsubishi PLC, you can establish a connection with a Modbus master device or software, allowing you to read and write data from/to the PLC. This enables you to collect various types of data from the Mitsubishi PL
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BLIIOT Smart Boiler Remote Monitoring System RTU Gateway S475
Aug . 30 . 2023
The boiler safety monitoring solution of BLIIOT technology, based on the mature Internet of Things cloud system of BLIIOT, realizes the multi-dimensional monitoring of the boiler and prevents boiler safety accidents caused by human factors
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Data Center Remote Monitoring
Aug . 30 . 2023
Use SNMP I/O Module to monitoring power availability and consumption, environment parameters in data center remotely.
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BLIIoT Realize PLC Remote Upload and Download
Aug . 18 . 2023
The remote upload and download of PLC programs plays a very important role in the application of industrial automation. It can improve work efficiency, reduce downtime, facilitate maintenance and upgrades, and improve safety.
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Siemens PLC Extend Distributed ProfiNet Ethernet IO Module
Aug . 18 . 2023
Siemens PLC expands the Profinet Ethernet IO module, supports direct docking with Siemens PLC through the Profienet protocol, and can expand 32-channel IO modules and 512-channel IO to collect data.
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Smart Street Lighting Control System
Jul . 28 . 2023
4g industrial router can be integrated to smart lighting control system to realize remote monitoring, efficient scheduling, fault alarming, and data analysis. Users can remotely access the lighting system through the industrial router. The Edge Router als
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Dam Data and Control Monitoring Solution
May . 08 . 2023
Used Industrial Cellular Edge IoT Router R40, PLC/Modbus to MQTT/OPC UA Gateway BL102, Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch and Industrial Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch for BLIIOT to Provide Industrial IoT Solution for Dam Monitoring.
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Remote Pumping Station Monitoring Solution Applied to Remote Pumping Station Troubleshooting
May . 05 . 2023
Remote pumping station monitoring BLIIOT solution applied to remote pumping station troubleshooting.
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What are the functions of 4G/5G edge computing routers in the intelligent trash can monitoring system?
Apr . 20 . 2023
Data transmission and processing: 4G/5G edge computing routers can transmit data collected by trash can sensors through high-speed wireless networks, including trash can capacity, filling status, temperature and other information, to achieve real-time dat
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