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Cellular 4G SMS Monitoring System RTU Used in Smart City Waterlogging Monitoring

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-09-21 15:38:17


Flood disasters have a huge impact on people and may cause harm to people's lives and property safety. Therefore, it is particularly important to build an urban waterlogging monitoring system.

There are some problems with the traditional solutions for dealing with flood accidents in the past:

1. There are many water level monitoring points and manual inspection is slow.

In the past, operation and maintenance personnel regularly went to waterlogging points along drainage pipes and inspected them one by one and recorded them on paper. Personnel regularly inspect flood-prone points such as drainage pipes one by one and use paper records. Data records may contain errors and are not real-time, making it impossible to accurately judge the operating status of facilities and conduct comprehensive assessments.

2. The transmission of early warning information is slow and prone to failure.

Early warning and forecasting mainly rely on broadcasting, but in some places flash flood broadcasting lacks a management and protection mechanism, and there are weak links in operation and maintenance. It is easy to malfunction and "lose the voice" at critical times, and there are hidden dangers in the transmission of early warning information.

3. Data sharing is difficult. The platform needs to collect data for prediction, but the data collected by collectors is not timely.

Program overview

Real-time monitoring of flow/velocity/water levels at key points such as drainage pipe networks, waterlogging points, rivers, and drainage outlets. Based on GPS positioning, the geographical information of each monitoring point and various types of monitored data are displayed in a visual way. Relevant personnel learned about the waterlogging situation in various key waterlogged road sections in the city in a short period of time

According to the set alarm rules, when the water level indicator exceeds the limit or other abnormal conditions or equipment fails, real-time alarm monitoring is performed through the supervision platform/text message/phone, etc., and the administrator is immediately notified, reducing the difficulty of manual inspection. Linked LED displays, broadcasts, warning lights, etc. can be used to release information in real time, and can be linked to on-site drainage equipment (such as water pumps) for timely drainage. The entire risk warning process has also been simplified, and the efficiency of solving waterlogging problems can also be improved. Effectively avoid and delay the occurrence of urban waterlogging.

Solution Advantage

4G SMS Monitoring System RTU S274 supports a variety of I/O, 485 access, can complete multi-parameter combination measurements, and the wireless communication module meets the data calling and sharing of various IoT cloud platforms such as Huawei Cloud and Alibaba Cloud to maximize the use of information. Supports multiple transmission protocols such as MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP. And it has diversified features, such as supporting transparent transmission, encrypted transmission, anti-dropout mechanism and other functions.

It is easy to install, small in size and low in cost. It integrates functions such as data collection, storage, control, communication and remote management, and can perform all-weather data collection and uploading. Adopting high-standard industrial-grade design, R&D, testing, and production, and passing strict testing in a professional testing environment, it can fully cope with the complex and harsh environment of urban flood sites, greatly reducing and simplifying system maintenance and after-sales work.

In addition, video surveillance images are uploaded in real time to provide strong data support for comprehensive management and control of monitoring points, disaster response command, and accident emergency response.

It supports connecting LED screens and other signboards to display water accumulation in real time, and supports traffic light control on road and bridge sections. When the water accumulation reaches the threshold, it can prevent passers-by from wading in the water in time, effectively preventing the safety of life and property, and is committed to helping build smart cities.

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