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4G SMS Remote Monitoring RTU Gateway S275 Helps Intelligent Bridge Monitoring Solution

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Author : Chris wu
Update time : 2023-09-15 16:43:42


The safety of bridge inspection is very important. There are many factors that cause changes in the bridge structure. If its working condition cannot be monitored in real time, it is likely to cause great safety hazards.

However, traditional manual inspection has the following problems:

1. Manual detection is usually periodic and cannot provide real-time monitoring results.

2. Usually only limited positions and parameters can be detected, making it difficult to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the entire bridge structure.

3. Manual inspection requires a lot of time and manpower, and the results are affected by the experience and skill level of the engineer, and there are subjective factors.

4. May be affected by human subjective judgment and measurement errors, and the accuracy is relatively low.

5. Bridge management mainly involves maintenance and repair after abnormalities are discovered.

Why 4G SMS Remote monitoring RTU Gateway S275 make bridge monitoring system intelligent?

4G SMS Remote monitoring RTUS275 has rich ports and can be connected to a large number of devices, such as cameras, instruments, PLC, DI switching values, DO relays, AI analog quantities, serial port RS485/232 and other equipment.

Supports real-time updates to facilitate technicians to understand the status of the bridge at any time. And the gateway works 24 hours a day. Once an abnormality occurs, the system will provide early warning in various ways, such as alarms, text messages, phone calls, WeChat, emails, etc. Using the most advanced communication technology and data processing technology, these data can be saved for a long time and viewed in real time, and also support remote access and management.

Highly cost-effective, it can reduce redundancy costs caused by excessive protection while meeting the usage scenarios.

Through the debugging tool, on-site wireless debugging and maintenance can be performed, which is convenient and easy to use.

Support web page remote configuration, upgrade and other functions to facilitate remote maintenance

Supports reporting of equipment site working conditions and online troubleshooting of equipment problems to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

4G SMS Remote monitoring RTUS275 can real-time monitoring of the working conditions of the bridge, data analysis to evaluate the safety of the bridge, timely judgment and alarms, and taking measures for maintenance in advance to avoid accidents.


In the smart bridge structure health monitoring system, in the case of data type coupling and high accuracy requirements for sensors, meteorological environment monitoring and video monitoring at key positions of the bridge structure, users can choose to use the edge independently developed by BLIIOT technology for data transmission. Calculate the RTU gateway. After counting and processing various 485 data, the data is uploaded to the cloud through 4G or Ethernet through MQTT or privatization protocol. The data is processed and analyzed to sense the bridge status in real time and provide bridge safety warning and safety analysis. The assessment provides data basis, and the road maintenance unit is notified in time to take countermeasures before danger occurs.

More information about BLIIoT Remote SMS 4G Controller view:


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