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With the continuous construction and operation of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, how to understand the operation status of the power station in real time, how to meet the monitoring requirements of the upper-level system or power grid dispatching system, because photovoltaic power plants are built in Qingzang, Xinjiang, Northwest and other regions, accounting for The ground is wide and the terrain is complex and different, affected by the bad weather of heavy rain, snow and snow, combined with high failure rate, large power loss, low efficiency of power station and difficult operation and maintenance management, etc. These follow-up management and development of power station assets There are many risks and challenges. In order to achieve efficient management of distributed energy, meet the requirements of power access to the grid, rational deployment, centralized monitoring, grid analysis, distribution network automation and routine maintenance, the photovoltaic power generation remote monitoring system solution was launched.

The PV IoT monitoring system consists of three parts: DTU, cloud platform and application system. The DTU collects various data of the collected photovoltaic power generation equipment to the cloud platform for storage, sorting and analysis, and then displays the equipment running status, geographical location, alarm prompt and other information to the user through the application system, thereby realizing the remote operation of the photovoltaic power generation equipment. Intelligent management.

Solar panel power generation monitoring
       Real-time control of the location information of photovoltaic power generation equipment and display on the map; real-time monitoring and display of the operating status of photovoltaic power generation equipment and collection of various operational data, including inverter quantity, current, voltage, temperature, power generation and other data; photovoltaic power generation equipment Management, including equipment model, equipment parameters, equipment location, equipment investment time and other information; equipment fault management, record fault information, and accurately pushed to the relevant staff, and generate fault statistics reports to facilitate staff analysis and elimination; intelligent statistical analysis, The cumulative power generation, power generation and corresponding energy-saving index are displayed in various ways such as graphs, reports, tables, etc., combined with big data analysis technology to assist decision-making; life cycle management, intelligently reminds customers to perform equipment maintenance according to equipment maintenance cycle Or maintenance.

System Block Diagram:
DTU remote control

[Applicable device model]: D223