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BLIIoT Industrial 4G PLC Gateway BL102 is Applied to Energy Consumption Monitoring in Textile Mills

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-05-04 15:18:00
BLIIoT Industrial 4G PLC Gateway BL102 is Applied to Energy Consumption Monitoring in Textile Mills
PLC/ Modbus Gateway BL102 supports routing function and cascaded switch data collection, which is convenient to collect more industrial equipment data. It has complete software functions and covers most of the conventional application scenarios. Users only need to go th rough simple settings.
The application of industrial 4G PLC gateway BL102 in textile mill energy consumption monitoring mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Data collection and monitoring: Industrial 4G PLC gateway BL102 can be connected to various equipment and sensors in textile factories to realize data collection and monitoring. By connecting to production equipment, electric meters, water meters, gas meters and other energy metering equipment, BL102 can obtain real-time energy consumption data, including electric energy, water energy, gas energy, etc., so as to realize comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption in textile factories.

2. Data transmission and processing: BL102 can transmit the collected energy consumption data to the cloud or local server for processing and storage through 4G wireless communication technology. At the same time, BL102 supports a variety of communication protocols, such as Modbus, OPC UA, etc., and can perform data communication and integration with equipment from different manufacturers to achieve unified management and analysis of data.

3. Data analysis and reporting: BL102 has the ability of data analysis and processing, and can monitor and analyze the collected energy consumption data in real time. Through the use of data analysis algorithms, abnormal energy consumption and energy waste can be identified, and real-time alarm and early warning functions can be provided to help textile factories quickly discover and solve energy consumption problems and optimize energy use.

4. Remote monitoring and control: BL102 supports remote monitoring and control functions. Through the cloud platform or mobile APP, it can realize remote real-time monitoring and control of the energy consumption of textile factories. Operators can view energy consumption data anytime, anywhere through devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers, grasp the energy consumption status of textile mills, and perform remote control and adjustment to achieve fine management and optimization of energy.

5. System integration and scalability: BL102 has strong system integration capabilities, and can be integrated with existing management systems, SCADA systems, ERP systems, etc. of textile mills to realize seamless connection between energy consumption monitoring and production management. At the same time, BL102 supports a variety of interfaces and protocols, and has strong scalability. It can be customized and expanded according to the needs of textile mills.
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