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S256 solar Energy remote monitoring

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S256 solar power remote monitoring

Statement: Application cases represent only one application, not all practical applications.
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The normal operation of the solar power system can only see the operation of the system at the front end. To realize the real-time observation of the operation of the solar power system, we use the 3G/4G transmission module to realize the remote transmission of data. The solar power system data monitoring system can query the instantaneous power generation current, voltage, active power and active energy of the solar power generation system.

2.Scheme collocation
S256+Cloud Platform
3. Achieve results
  You can remotely view the solar power supply status in real time through the computer, and keep abreast of the scene. When overloaded or exceeds the preset value, it will immediately send text messages and voice calls, which can be used by the operation and maintenance personnel for the first time.
remote solar Energy  monitoring

Applicable equipment model: S255, S256

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